Prepared for large and challenging trees

All Trees. Everyday.

Martin Tree Service, LLC uses a common sense, Lancaster County approach to tree trimming and removal needs. Our cranes, 75-foot aerial boom trucks, and 90-foot spider lifts help maintain our safety culture as well as provide added efficiency.

After 30+ years, we’ve grown into what is perhaps the largest tree service in Lancaster County. We enjoy referrals as well as helping smaller tree services with complex jobs. 

We are equipped to handle your backyard, residential trees, streetscape trees, and large commercial tree extractions from golf courses and commercial properties.

Tree Service … it’s what we do!

Proper Equipment for a job done right!

We’ll roll in – equipped

Best Equipment, at Your Service

When you hire Martin Tree Service, you get access to the best equipment in the industry. For a tree removal by crane, we will bring a late model, inspected crane with our own qualified operator skilled in tree removal. The tree will be carefully dismantled using professional rigging equipment by an operator in a bucket truck. When the branches get on the ground, they are chipped by our large chipper and blown into a waiting truck. Heavy logs are moved with ease by our all-wheel-steer loader, equipped with high flotation turf tires. Our own log truck can respond as needed to make cleanup a neat and punctual process.

All this can easily be done in a day or less. No waiting for rented equipment, sub-contracted workers, or old broken-down equipment. If needed, our 100-HP stump grinder can remove your old stump. We can then fill in the hole with topsoil and plant grass, making your landscape look fresh and new.

Forestry Mowing for Vegitation Management

Commercial – Residential

Forestry Mower

Are you struggling to control invasive species of brush and small trees? Cutting this kind of undergrowth with a chainsaw and dragging it out is very time consuming and costly. Our forestry mower meets this situation head-on and is the best tool for the job.

The agility of a mini excavator mounted mower is perfect for road banks and rough terrain. The tracked skid loader works best on drivable terrain and areas where a level finished surface is desired. These tools are great for bamboo, sumac, tree of heaven, vines and other hard to manage fauna.

Best of all, the forestry mower grinds up the brush and pulverizes it into the ground. This leaves the area with minimal soil disturbance or erosion control requirements. For most situations, the soil is ready for further landscaping. No need for a stump grinder or root digging.

Ready for emergencies

We Are Ready for Storm Damage

Did a tree fall during a storm and damage your property? Will the damage get worse by removing the tree?

When trees fall in a storm, some situations call for a skilled approach to removal. Martin Tree Service, LLC has the equipment, business relationships, and manpower to work with your insurance company and get the tree off your property safely and efficiently.

While working on your damaged tree, the skilled tree workers can easily recognize trees where subsequent damage from the rest of the tree may follow.

We are a common-sense tree company. If you can remove a branch yourself, do that. If it is not on your house or blocking your drive, let clean up wait until a better suited time. Most of all, do not let simple tree issues create a serious medical emergency because of an incompetent approach. Hire a professional.


Priority is given to storm damage

Our services

Understanding Our Approach

What sets MTS apart from other tree services?

Our employees work together like clockwork, and our new, large equipment enables our great employees to be very efficient.

Jobs we seek:
Crane removals, all removals, large jobs, land clearing (under 3 acres), good access, clearly-marked trees, commercial jobs, and complex jobs other tree companies may not be able to perform.

Jobs we tend to decline:
Smaller city jobs, landscape maintenance, limited access jobs, trimming trees that are already partially dead (non-practical jobs). We do not perform tree treatments like spraying, injecting or fertilizing.

Our practical approach to tree removal.

Pricing is based on trees, ease of access, and equipment required.


How to get our Best Pricing

How to get lower pricing:
We price our jobs to give you first class service. Some people prefer to do some things themselves and save a few bucks. Following are ways you can get reduced pricing on your job.

  • If we don’t chip or remove brush, but simply take down your tree.
  • If we don’t rake your yard.
  • If we can leave wood that we don’t want (often, this means all the wood).
  • If you allow us to fit your job into our schedule when we are in your area.
  • If you don’t mind getting ruts in your yard (using ground protection mats for our trucks takes a lot of extra time).

We price our jobs by how many personnel are needed, equipment needs, ease of access, and the cost of us to get there. Once we have a crew and equipment onsite, additional tree work can seem very reasonable.

 We can’t always do your job the next day, but we understand and work with short deadlines you may have.


If you are getting tree work done by our company and would like woodchips, please mention it to our office or the job crew. We will be happy to leave you the truckload of woodchips and avoid hauling them back to our shop.

Our woodchip pile is located at 950 East Earl Road, New Holland. You may self-load for $20 a pickup truck load, or give a donation for smaller amounts.

We can load woodchips with our JCB. Please call the office for pricing and pick-up times.


Great professional job done on my tree.
Great clean up and no damage to my yard.




Hats off to Martin Tree Service for a job well done. They were able to do all my requests and cleaned up before they left.
Very professional and pleasant to work with.

New Holland



Thank you for doing such a good job. I am so glad your employee gave me good advice regarding my maple trees!




Thank you for removing our tree so quickly!

Toby & Stephanie



Thank you so much! Your foreman and his crew were so efficient and professional!




Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Great job and great people. You may leave your sign in my yard as long as you like.



Thank you so much for the excellent tree work you did in my parent’s yard. I was there Sunday and it looked wonderful. You cleaned up everything and did exactly what we asked. My parents could not stop praising your work… how hard you worked, how efficient, you didn’t take breaks, you worked around the power wire, on and on! My dad said he wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone! I know they will face future storms more at ease knowing trees will not fall on their house.




Thank you so much for removing the two trees before the storm. Your men did a wonderful job, including the stump grinding. No mess was left behind and you worked efficiently.

Mary Ellen


Thank you for taking pride in your work!
I am very pleased with the outcome of my tree trimming. The overall look of the tree is still very natural in appearance. I especially appreciate that the foreman and the crew took the time to leave the yard exactly as they found it.



Dear Martin & Team, just wanting to thank you all for the hard work. Wendell and crew were great! I look forward to working with you again!



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