When the tree falls…

Storm Damage Tree Service

Who is responsible for a storm damaged tree?

We all enjoy trees when they add value to our properties, shade to our backyard, and privacy near a property boundary. However, when a tree falls on our property, it is likely to raise our blood pressure!

After the tree falls, who is going to take care of the mess? Who is liable for the cleanup costs, or worse yet, it injures someone? Does your neighbor need to take care of his trees on your backyard, or do you? Keep reading, we will talk about how this plays out in Lancaster County.

Who is liable?

In Lancaster County, if the tree fell on your property, you get to remove it. No, you do not need to wait for the neighbor to round up his buddies and bring their pickup trucks into your backyard for a Saturday afternoon chainsaw party. Or worse yet, have it lay on your lawn while the grass grows high around it.

What if my tree fell on the neighbor’s property?

First, think logically! Calmly talk with your neighbor and offer to help this this taken care of. Then, consider the size. If it is a tree or branch you can drag off their lawn with the help of a few neighbors who are standing and watching, you just made a bunch of friends.

If the tree is large, on a building or piece of property, take a few pictures. Tell your neighbor you will help them get this taken care of. Call Martin Tree Service and offer to send a few photos. We offer emergency services- even after hours. Chances are, that by referring your neighbor to an established, reputable tree service such as Martin Tree Service, you will help calm their fears and build a friendly relationship.

What if the tree is on a house?

If the tree is on a house, consider the risk to the integrity of the building. You may first want to call the fire department. Martin Tree Service is equipped with cranes and rigging equipment to take trees off of buildings without making the damage worse.

Will my Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Fallen Trees?

From our experience at Martin Tree Service, most insurance companies in Lancaster, Berks, Chester County Pennsylvania will cover tree removal if the tree has landed on or damaged insured property. However, many insurance companies do not cover removal of a tree that has fallen on the grass in your backyard. Of course, this will vary by insurance company and the policy you have.

Should I have my buddies remove the fallen tree?

Consider your risks. Worse than having a fallen tree on your property, is to have a serious injury trying to do it yourself. Trees that have fallen during a storm often have tremendous stress in the wood at areas you may not suspect. When cut these limbs can strike with speed and force that can severely injure or worse.

Contact a professional!

At Martin Tree Service, we are equipped and have experience with 1,000’s of tricky tree situations. If you find yourself looking at a tree mess that needs expert help, let us know.

Take a walk around your property. The best hazardous tree removal is done when the ground is fit, you are ready, and we can perform a tree removal – SAFELY, EFFICIENTLY, AFFORDABLE.